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For Beginners Only!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Have you been on the struggle bus with your scale?

For YEARS I thought that the scale was this horrible reminder of all my failures. But, with a quick mindset change, I now see the scale as a TOOL to track my choices and progress towards my goals. Weight gain? It HAPPENS and I can note changes I should make tomorrow. Weight loss? What is my goal? What choices did I make to support this move?

If past failures are keeping you stuck and you feel that there's no solution to your fitness goals, I am so excited about a new solution coming to my health + wellness platform this month!

This challenge is called "For Beginners Only" and is exactly that... a 3-week challenge with guided, low-impact move + modifications for the fitness newbie in you. We are going to show up for each workout together. We are going to work on a positive, growth mindset, and leave those previous failures behind.

This is a FRESH start - whether you're a true newbie or finally recommitting to your health this year.

Where is your mindset on your health + fitness? Open up with me and let's see how we can support each other this March!

Email me to chat:

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