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Growth is sometimes uncomfortable...

The first time you got on a bike.. Your first day of high school.. Loading up the car to move into your first college dorm room.. The first day at your first "big girl" job.. How exciting were all of those moments? But at the same time, how nervous and uncomfortable were you? If we're being honest with ourselves, we were all a little sick to our stomachs heading into these moments. But we knew we had to do it because it was exactly what was necessary to get to our next chapter in life. To get to all of our dreams and accomplishments. Little did we know at the moment, that these things themselves were an accomplishment.

Just because something is an ordinary day thing for everyone else, doesn't mean it isn't an uncomfortable feeling for others. This is exactly where growth happens. That's what the feeling in the pit of your stomach is, and the joyful sensation when you come home knowing you did it. What if we trained our minds to replace the word uncomfortable with growth? So instead of going into a situation thinking "This is uncomfortable.." we thought "This is growth!"

To me, uncomfortable means I'm not sure about something. I know it's what I need to do but I'm afraid of failure and all the ways this could go wrong but I'm going to do it anything because I know it's what I'm supposed to be doing. And just typing that made me feel stressed!

When I simply change the one word to growth, my entire mindset changes. Walk into that situation saying this is growth. Yes, there are a million ways it could go South quick.. BUT, I will grow from it. I will be able to say I've done it before and learn a new approach. And when it does go right, even if it's on the first or fourth try, I can say I grew. That I did it. And that my friends is a feeling that you will never forget. So get comfortable being uncomfortable and call it growth. Growth is sometimes uncomfortable, but you have the strength to do it.

Until next time,


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