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How close is too close when looking in the mirror?

Think about when you're applying your mascara or plucking your eyebrows. How close do you get to the mirror? That is way too close. No, not for those things, if we're being honest it's actually pretty necessary then! But I'm referring to when you're trying to see if you're ready to leave the house. We're all guilty of it. Maybe not THAT close, but that's exactly how close we're paying attention to every little detail about ourselves. My question is why? And how can we stop? Do we do it to ourselves or do we blame society?

I think the truth is... we do it to ourselves. Sure we can blame the girl from work that made a comment about your eyebrows not being perfectly waxed, the ex-boyfriend that convinced you it's time to start losing weight, or even the girl you saw at the grocery store who had such class and style to her outfit that it made you want to hide your face because you looked like a bum that day. But the reality of it all, is that we have complete control over our minds. I know from experience, and am still battling with it, that it's extremely hard not to overthink our appearance especially when it's based on the opinions of others. We remember the smallest things, the comments that people probably don't even remember making. And the worst of all, the things someone DIDN'T say. Like the time you tried really hard to look cute for your boyfriend and he didn't even tell you how pretty you looked that day. Yep, we'll never forget these things.

What if we did? What if we could completely erase these things from our minds? Several years from now nobody will remember that one time when you got your eyebrows waxed and you still had some strays. The day will come when you won't even remember that loser ex-boyfriend who didn't even deserve you anyway. And that girl in the grocery store? You caught her on a good day, because I promise you there have been times she felt the same way you did, and times when she probably looked at you and wished she had something you did.

My point is, lets stop looking so close in the mirror at our features and outfits, and start looking closer into our personalities. Who we truly are as people. I challenge you today to sit down and make a list of at least 10 things you love about yourself. Things that have nothing to do with that mirror. Then, the next time you're getting ready to leave the house, don't take another look in the mirror. You already know what you look like. Go back to your list and read it. Leave the house with THAT confidence. Because I promise you that's the most beautiful thing, and you won't find it in the mirror.

Until next time,


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