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I am Passionate.

You can say that again.

I’ve been told I’m too passionate, that I care too much. But I’ve finally accepted that that’s just who I am. And I absolutely love that about myself. Whatever it is I’m doing or whoever is in my life, I’m bringing all my passion with me. ❤️

With my businesses, if it’s someone else I’m trying to help on their health journey or someone else that I’m helping pick out dry nail polish colors for, I’m passionate. I put my entire heart into it and genuinely want to see you love yourself and succeed in all of your goals.

Being passionate is NOT easy.

It comes with disappointment, pain, being lost.. but the two things it doesn’t come with are accepting failure or giving up.

When I am passionate about something, I’m going all in until we come out on top. ❤️

Until next time,


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