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I cannot believe this...

Petra Kolber is partnering with BODi.. what?! She is now our VP of Personal Development and Mindset. Not only am I blown away by the rebranding, but THIS is possibly the biggest and best decision, in my opinion, Carl Daikeler (Chairman & CEO of Beachbody) has EVER made. Did you know that Petra came to Carl years ago wanting to find a way to get into the company and he turned her down?! This goes to show that everything is truly about timing.

Between speaking, writing, coaching, podcasting, and even DJ’ing, everything Petra brings to the table is inspired and influenced by the science of Positive Psychology. This is everything that we as a company were missing. Our company is not about getting the perfect beach body, because that is not a thing. Every body and everybody belongs at the beach! If you want to build and tone your body, go for it! Set that goal and reach it! But we're here to make sure you're doing it in a mentally healthy way and for all of the right reasons. It all starts with your mindset!

I believe it's true that health, fitness, and your mindset are the three key ingredients to a better life, and now with BODi we have all three of these available to you in one place!

I'm about to start reading Petra's book "The Perfection Detox" that's about taming your inner critic, living bravely, and unleashing your joy! Just solely judging based on her life story, I'm beyond excited to not only dive into her book, but dive into our new mindset program with her. Don't worry, reviews to come!

Until next time,


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