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I love the person that I am AND the person I am becoming.

We hear it all the time, "I love the person I am becoming." That's great and all, but what about who you are now? And more importantly who you were before? Don't they deserve love too? Trust me, I get it, I don't love everything about who I used to be either. Heck somedays I don't even like her! But, at the same time I've grown to love her. Because the same girl who made those mistakes and took the wrong paths in life, is also the same strong girl who never gave up. Who kept fighting the fight because she knew she was made for something more. And the woman I am today, wow! I'm the woman who has overcome so much already but still chooses to wake up every single day and fight the good fight. The woman who knows there's so many more possibilities and won't stop until she succeeds. So yes, I love who I was, who I am, AND who I'm becoming.

Today I challenge you to dig deeper into your past version. Writing it down. The pros and cons. Think about how that woman helped build you into who you are today. And then do the exact same thing with who you are today, building to be the future you. Let go of the hate and regrets. Allow yourself to see how these things helped you and will continue helping you grow.

Until next time,


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