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Less Chasing, More Cherishing.

Last night I finished reading When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley and if you haven't read it yet, you need to. Go ahead and bump it to next on your reading list. You won't have any regrets. I've noticed lately that I've been rushing around so much and trying so hard to build for the future, and I'm being extremely productive and successful, but I'm not being present. Sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves when is enough enough? As I mentioned in a past blog, I've truly become organized and intentional with my time. This is how I've become productive and successful, however, I never REALLY stop. Even on the couch watching Netflix in the evenings I find myself checking messages and talking about business and future plans. Eventually we'll drive ourselves insane if we don't take time for silence. Take in what's around us and enjoy the present instead of rushing towards the future. We're living in a world that's always pushing and searching for more and for better. Emily Ley said it perfectly, "Consumerism is CRUSHING. Perfectionism is POINTLESS. We will never achieve a life that is totally, unendingly satisfying this side of heaven." So instead of spending every second of every day searching and building for more, we appreciate what we do have right in front of us. It will never be perfect here, but it is pretty dang close.

Today Kevin and I got an early start and went fishing. It was the first time I truly disconnected and felt close to God in a very long time. Just listening to music, connecting with nature, and enjoying each others presence was extremely rejuvenating and necessary. We've decided to make this a regular thing. To get that peace of mind that's necessary to continue being successful. "Somewhere along the way we went from thriving to surviving, from being full of joy to being full of stress." It's these moments that we truly need to all take a moment to stop chasing the future and cherish the present.

What is something you like to do to relax your mind and refocus on your mission?

Until next time,


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