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Overcoming Oversleeping!

Let's talk oversleeping, because that's how my day started off.. Last night was a normal night for me: clothes picked out, breakfast/lunch/snacks all packed for work, pre-workout ready on the counter for as soon as I wake up. Everything was good to go. I've really been cracking down about being prepared because I have a lot I like to do in the mornings before work and always found myself frantically running around trying to do it all.

As you can see, I had three alarms set. The half asleep moment when you know you're turning off your alarm but it's not registering in your mind that it means you're supposed to wake up? That's what happened. Instead of waking up at 4am to my alarms, it turned into 5:26am and panicking about how am I going to get everything done now?! It was an hour before I had to leave for work and there was no way I'd be able to write a Facebook post with my Daily Affirmation, do my 40 minute workout, Personal Development reading, check my messages/respond to everyone, and still get ready for work! I realized I was wasting even more time trying to figure out how to do it all. Needless to say, I didn't do it all. I didn't do any of it except get ready for work and leave. Then started to panic even more when I realized I would have to really get my butt in gear tonight to do all of those things plus everything I had already planned to get done tonight.

This really got me thinking, all day, about how panicked I became because I couldn't do it all. Why do we feel like we have to do it all? Isn't there a point we have to stop and tell ourselves it's okay if a task doesn't get done? Today was my point. I realized at work that I needed to write down everything I thought I needed to get done, and then choose which ones were going to be okay skipping today. Then prioritize what I felt did need to be done.

The point is, it's okay to oversleep sometimes! Now, not if you set your alarms with only enough time to wake up and go straight into work, or you have jury duty! But, if this happens occasionally, it's okay. We are all human and honestly that's our bodies telling us we need that extra sleep. Now that my day is winding down I'm actually thankful I overslept this morning. It was a wakeup call to stop stressing out about trying to do everything. Yes, we want to be able to do all the things, but it's not always possible. And if at the end of each day you can tell yourself you did the best and most you could given that days circumstances, then I'd say it was a good one!

Until next time,


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