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Some people will always see you as your mistakes, and that's okay..

We're all human and we all make mistakes. Some are far worse than others, but who are we to judge? I think that learning from your mistakes and downfalls is the biggest thing of all. How you react to your mistakes and choose to move forward with your life is what should truly define you as a person, not the mistakes. I've unfortunately had to learn that we will come across people in life that, no matter who they are to you, they will only see you as your mistakes. It doesn't matter to them what you learned from it, how you've grown since then, or even the positivity you've gained in life. Your success and happiness will not change their opinion of you because of those mistakes. And as much as that hurts inside, if you want to continue growing and moving forward, you have to accept that they will never see you for who you are.

Like everyone else, I've had my fair share of mistakes and regrets in life. However, there comes a time that you must put those behind you, grow from them, and allow yourself to thrive and succeed again. When I realized this is also when I realized that not everyone will be onboard with you. I do not and never will know why, but it's a hard fact I needed to face. I kept pulling myself back for the longest time because I so badly wanted the approval and acceptance of certain people. I wanted them to tell me that it was okay to put it all in the past and move forward, but no matter how hard I tried, they were never going to tell me that. They were never going to genuinely feel that way nor look at me the same again.

It hurts, it wholeheartedly hurts to come to that realization. But that right there is another way of growing in life. Accepting that not everyone will accept you. I'm here today to tell you it doesn't matter!!! It doesn't matter one bit what those people think of you because the true people that you need in your life are your biggest fans. The ones who saw you through your hard times, took the brunt of your lowest of lows, but still came out on top with you saying lets grab life by the horns and ride! Those are your people. That is your motivation. As for the others, let them sit back and watch you succeed like the boss that you are. Love them, pray for them, cheer them on in their personal success. But never, never again, seek the approval of someone not willing to accept your change and put the past behind. They will only hold you back from reaching the highest potential that I know you are capable of!! So tell me, how can I help you live your life to it's fullest potential? Because one thing I can promise you, I am on your team.

Until next time,


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